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Ole Man Cougarand
2006 AQHA Palomino Gelding
Cougarand x Doc Shy Ann

Dual Dash Dun It
2016 AQHA Dun Colt
Dual Dash x Creeks Dunit Smores 
This colt has four horses on his papers from the Quarter Horse Legends Books. These are Peppy San Badger, Hollywood Dun It, Dual Pep and Jazabell Quixote. This colt also has bloodlines of Dash For Cash, Sugar Bars and Doc Bar. This colt is a beautiful red dun color and he is a stallion prospect. He catches, loads, ties, and bathes.  He is consigned to the Nile in Billings, MT on October 20, 2017.
Black Coco Jo
2016 AQHA Black Filly
Dual Dash x Coco Jo Jack
She is only one of three fillies that we had this year. She is going to be a shiny black and white like her brother that was the high selling 2 yr. old in the 2015 RMBA sale. The Dual Dash colts have been very successful in many disciplines, and this cross with Coco Jo Jack has produced horses with that excellent Dually disposition, and conformation. Another full brother has been an excellent 4-H “colt to maturity” project for Tiler Lester, and is doing ranch work as a 2 yr. old. A bay sister is just starting her training in Bozeman with a young lady that adores her. A good filly.
IM Blue Two
2016 AQHA Gray Gelding
Watch Joe Jack Move x True Blue Dual
This good looking colt was born friendly, what a character. He is our first foal out of “Joe Blue” our Pitzer stallion and boy are we pleased. This colt will be big and will turn heads with his gray color, he will be a rope horse supreme.  He catches, ties, loads, and bathes.  His mother is a good daughter of Dual Dash, and we reluctantly sold her, but were fortunate to be able to buy her back and cross her with our new stallion.  He is consigned to the Nile in Billings, MT on October 20, 2017.
Smart Joe Dually
2016 AQHA Gray Colt
Dual Dash x Shes Snow Joke
Wow, our good mare Lena has produced another big beautiful gray colt! Last year her colt was the first one picked, but this year’s colt may be better yet. This colt is large boned and will be strong enough to pull any bull. He will produce the nice disposition and athleticism of Dual Dash, his sire, and his mare carries the bloodlines of Smart Little Lena and Watch Joe Jack, so he will be cowy too.
Sparklin Joe Blue
2016 AQHA Gray Colt
Watch Joe Jack Move x Sparklin Duals
This colt is dang cute, and gray to boot! He has the great head of his grandma and mother and is also one of our first foal crop out of “Joe Blue,” our gray Pitzer bred stallion. This horse will make a great calf roping and heeling horse with his Watch Joe Jack, Simply A Spark and Dual Jazz bloodlines. He also has a shot of Dash For Cash in his bloodlines. This horse will be quick and athletic, we expect him to be about 14.3 to 15.0 when mature.
Watch A Poco
2016 AQHA Gray Filly
Watch Joe Jack Move x Simply A Poco
Buck Eyed Joy
2016 AQHA Bay Roan Filly
Silver Buck Tonka x Starry Eyed Joy
“Tonka” is a 2016 Bay Roan filly that came with a mare that we bought. Her papers include Two Eyed Red Buck (2X), Two ID Bartender, and Hum Bug Hancock. She is super gentle, pretty, and cute. Her mother, Starry Eyed Joy, was the high selling yearling filly at the Montana Breeders Group 2014 sale, and she could be one of our better mares.
Duallys Dun It Pep
2017 AQHA Sorrel Colt
Dual Dash x Creeks Dunit Smores
Outstanding colt! Super “catty”, smart, and a “power house”. He may be a Liver Chestnut that will be a super performer. He is real “watchy”, but respectful. His full brother was the high selling yearling at the 2017 NILE. I think that this colt is going to be bigger at 15HH, straight, good pasterns, and heavy muscled. I like him. You won’t find many colts with these names on his papers: Dual Pep, Jazabell Quixote, Peppy San Badger, and Hollywood Dun It. They are all in the book of Legends. This may be a colt of a lifetime.
Awesome Dual Dandy
2017 AQHA Bay Filly
Dual Dash x Miss Awesome Flash
WOW!!  Is all I can say about this filly.  She is put together perfectly and she is just cute.  She has the build and confirmation that you can't go wrong with.  She will take you to the winners circle for sure.  She should mature to around 15-15.1 HH.
High Selling Yearling in the 2017 NILE "Gold Buckle" Weanling and Yearling Sale!!
​Third Highest Selling Yearling in the 2017 NILE "Gold Buckle" Weanling and Yearling Sale!!
Watch Frosty Move
2017 AQHA Sorrel Colt
Watch Joe Jack Move x Shezza Frosty Gal
Watch Jazzy Sparkle
2017 AQHA Gray Filly
Watch Joe Jack Move x Sparklin Duals
This just might be my pick of colt this year. He has a lot of leg, and is going to be big at 15.1 or 2 HH, a sorrel with a Thoroughbred look. He has the cute head, and disposition of “Joe Blue”, correct, good back, and will make a rope horse or the versatile ranch type that we strive for. His grandsire, Joe Jack Red is a World Champion Rope and Halter Horse from Pitzer’s, and he goes back to Watch Joe Jack, and War Bond Leo. His dam, Shezza Frosty Gal is a granddaughter of Secretariat, and Doc’s Jack Frost. Two of the top speed producing horses of a lifetime.
The only filly we have for sale. A gray daughter of “Joe Blue” and Sparklin Duals. Check her pedigree, it is packed with powerful, proven, performance horses. Her 2016 full brother went to Anna Horne in Helmville to be a rope horse, and she is excited that he is gentle enough that she can train him herself. She is smaller, will be 14.2 –14.3 HH, gentle, and very trainable, and really cute.
Paid To Watch
2017 AQHA Gray Colt
Watch Joe Jack Move x Paid To Turn N Burn
A special gray gelding that we are proud of. A “kitten” of a horse, super nice to get along with. We are more impressed with these Watch Joe Jack Red colts all the time. Easy to work with, smart, willing, and with a wanting to please attitude. He should mature to 14.3 HH and fit any level of rider. He has been with Josey Sutton for the summer on the ranch and will have 60 + days riding on him. He is the only colt that Josey has gotten on the first time the colt has been saddled. He is going to be fun.  
Ronnie B Dual
2017 AQHA Chestnut Filly
Dual Dash x Simply A Poco
This could be my “Legacy” horse. Perfect in every way, and marked to get attention. I have kept two other mares for replacements from this mare and may plan on keeping this one. She will be fun to watch grow up and mature into a top producer. Ronnie B Dual wasn’t born until September 22 so just made it into the 2017 count. A Dual Dash daughter that is thick and powerful, and loud, and really likes to run. Watch for her to possibly make a mark in our program.
Consigned to the 2018 NILE "Gold Buckle" Weanling and Yearling Sale.

HIP #612
Consigned to the 2018 NILE "Gold Buckle" Weanling and Yearling Sale.

HIP #649
Consigned to the 2018 NILE 
"Gold Buckle" Sale.

HIP #840
My Leroy Dual
2010 Chestnut Gelding
Dual Dash x Annies April Folly
This 8 yr old sorrel gelding with special markings by Dual Dash is my last personal saddle horse, (by persuasion from doctors and family). My granddaughter broke him as a 4-H project with great success winning many ribbons for 2 yrs. He is super gentle, has a great personality, and thinks he is a “Black Lab”. Leroy is a ranch horse deluxe, has been used to drag out elk, and has been used by inexperienced riders. He has been doing ranch work this summer with Josey Sutton. His grand sire, “My Leroy Brown” has sired many speed horses and NFR quality rope horses. He is a good one!! UTD on shots, wormer, and Coggins, and is shod.
Consigned to the 2018 NILE 
" Gold Buckle " Sale

HIP #815

A super prospect!! With some reservation I have decided to sell her. This filly is out of the first crop by Watch Joe Jack Move, and she is special!! She has 60 days professional training by Josey Sutton. Her mother, Simply A Poco has never produced a bad one, maybe our best mare. Simply A Spark is Shining Spark’s full brother who raised the Performance Horse world to a new standard. Her sire is by Pitzer Ranch’s World Champion rope horse Joe Jack Red. Watch A Poco has a woman’s dream mane, tail, and personality. There is no gamble here. UTD on shots, wormer, and Coggins. 
Dual Bay Bobbitt
2018 AQHA Bay Filly
Dual Dash x Coco Jo Jack
Coco’s colts just seem to keep getting better. This one, with Dual Dash as the sire, is super cute and built like a “you know what”. Coco is a ½ sister to Watch Joe Jack Move, so she is stacked with Pedigree. What makes her extra special is her unique tail, the style of the horses in the early 1900’s.  The Coco/ Dual Dash colts have had great success with 4-H, and Novice riders. She has World Champion rope horses on the bottom side, and some of the best cutting and speed on the top. Good colts to break and train. She will be stocky and strong to be a Rancher or Roper; a Heeling or Calf prospect.
Watch Eyed Dancer
2018 AQHA Sorrel Filly
Watch Joe Jack Move x RW Bucks Dancer
This is a real good mare family. Dancer has produced top sellers for us in the past, and this is the first one by watch Joe Jack Move that has been offered for sale. This filly is going to be big and stout. She will be able to work. Both sides of this family have excellent dispositions, and want to please. If she wasn’t sorrel she would be picked by now.
Ya Ya Dually
2018 AQHA Chocolate Palomino Colt
Dual Dash x Lenas Shy Spirit
Click for Pedigree
A Chocolate Palomino horse colt. “Wow, Oh Wow”……… He has a presence about him. He is handsome, colored, and friendly. I don’t know how to make them any better. This mare, Lenas Shy Spirit, is Two Eyed Red Buck, and Shy Ole Man bred and the crossed with Dual Dash has made a very good cross. Our granddaughter has a full brother that is 3 and has been through the Flathead County 4-H Colt to Maturity project, winning blues in all classes, and showing “one handed” this year. Another one up there might become their “best horse”. This is one that I have earmarked for the 2019 NILE. He is a super good colt.
Awesome Creation was picked at 3 months old. This is the 2nd year that Jim Dandy’s filly’s have been picked first, and her next one is spoken for. The Awesome Pete lines and Dual Dash has worked really good. She is bred to Watch Joe Jack Move for 2019.
Click for Pedigree
Miss Dual Awesome
2018 AQHA Blue Roan Colt
Dual Dash x Awesome Miss Flash 
Watch ID Barmaid
2018 AQHA Red Roan Filly
Watch Joe Jack Move x LM Rosie Skip
2018 Grade Brown Filly
Mt Dhauli x Shezza Frosty Gal
This is going to be fun project for someone that wants to win. Her sire, Mt Dhauli, is a Thoroughbred, and the dam, Shezza Frosty Gal, is Appendix Registered Quarter Horse. So she has too much Thoroughbred to be a registered Quarter Horse, and too much Quarter Horse to be a registered Thoroughbred. I call her a “Sport Horse”, as she will be very competitive in any speed or endurance events. I think that she will make an English prospect, or definitely a Barrel Horse or a tough Roper, she will be big enough to make a Header. She is a pretty brown color, and she knows how to flaunt it. A very nice filly.
Watch ID Tender
2018 AQHA Blue Roan Filly
Watch Joe Jack Move x Starry Eyed Joy
This filly is real special to me. This a real nice mare that is Pitzer bred on all four corners, and the sire is Watch Joe Jack Move, another with all four corners from Pitzer bloodlines. This is her first colt from my stud, but watch for many more in the future. This filly is really put together, super cute, and colored.   
A Red Roan filly that is as good as any of them. Friendly, and perfect conformation. This is the first cross with LM Rosie Skip and Watch Joe Jack Move. All of the pedigree goes back to a strong Pitzer cross. This filly will be a strong competitor and a life long companion. 
Shakem French Burbon
2018 AQHA Palomino Colt
Frenchmans Shake Em x TS Perks Blue SY
I bought “TS Perks Blue Sy” from Treasure state Quarter Horse at their sale. This colt came with that deal. She is a big 16HH Bay Roan mare, and the sire is “Frenchmans Shake Em”, a 15.1 HH Palomino Stallion. We all know that the “Shake Em” colts are taking the Barrel Racing circles into a whirlwind. This is a very nice colt that just keeps getting lighter, he is nearly white with yellow legs and face. It will be fun to watch to see what his color does. This colt will be best suited for the experienced rider that wants to compete in Barrels, or wants a high end Heading horse, and should even be big enough for English events. He is destined for the “Big Time”.
Genuine Boom Hombre
2018 AQHA Palomino Filly
Redbuck Hombre x Shine N Rooster
Consigned to the 2019 NILE "Gold Buckle" Sale.

HIP # 934
Hombre is a 3 yr old Palomino mare that I got out of Nebraska. She is just the right size for a good heal horse or a calf horse, short but powerful! She will have a strong 60 days ridding by Josey Sutton by sale day. She has World Champion’s on all four corners of her pedigree, so she is bred to do it all.  
Consigned to the 2019 NILE "Weanling and Yearling Gold Buckle" Sale.

HIP # 734
Consigned to the 2019 NILE "Weanling and Yearling Gold Buckle" Sale.

HIP # 764
Watch Star Tender
2019 AQHA Blue Roan Filly
Watch Joe Jack Move x Starry Eyed Joy
A Blue Roan filly that is a fall colt. Super cute, and conformation that you can’t believe. Talk about a cutie!! She should mature to 14.3 to 15 HH, and built stout. She is bred with the Two Eyed Jack elite from the Pitzer Ranch. World Champion’s on all 4 corners.  This is as good as we can make them!!!

Bay Roan filly. She is really built like an “outhouse”, is really going to be able to pull from the horn.  Should be 14.3HH She is really watchy and catty, going to be a performer.

Dual ID Rosie
2019 AQHA Bay Roan Filly
Dual Dash x LM Rosie Skip
Dual Wood Pep
2019 AQHA Black Chestnut Filly
Dual Dash x Creeks Dunit Smores
Black Chestnut filly. A cross that is proven over and over again. A full brother was high selling yearling at the NILE, another went to a young lady for a NILE Futurity project.  She had that colt performing really well as a 2 yr old, and absolutely no buck. This filly really wants to be your friend.

Shy Eyed Dual
2019 AQHA Black Chestnut Filly
Dual Dash x Lenas Shy Spirit
A cute dark Chestnut filly. Should mature to 15 HH, and be really classy. This has been a really good producing cross, our granddaughter has a full brother that she won a bucket full of Blue Ribbons on in 4-H. Jamie Olson has a full sister in Kalispell that you couldn’t get away from her, and another brother is in training with Jeremy Young, (watch for headlines with that duo). 

Two Eyed Smooch
2019 AQHA Bay Filly
Watch Joe Jack Move x RW Bucks Dancer
Bay filly, going to be tall and a real looker.  Earmarked for 2021 NILE Raffle

Watch Awesome Rene
2019 AQHA Palomino Colt
Watch Joe Jack Move x Awesome Miss Flash
This colt is going to be good, and big. His last 3 siblings have been first pick of the colts. He is Palomino now, but will turn gray and have a white mane and tail. He is special! Super gentle,, excellent disposition.  Watch Joe Jack breeding on the top, and some on the bottom also. Goes back to Oswald Pete on the bottom through Awesome Pete.  The pedigree is all world champion rope horses, top and bottom.

Watch Jazz Sparkle
2019 AQHA Chestnut Filly
Watch Joe Jack Move x Sparklin Duals
A favorite. Joe Blue crossed on a Dually daughter, and she is special. Cute and friendly.  She is going to be smaller, 14.2 to 14.3 HH Going to be really cowy and flashy.

Watch Little Eagle
2019 AQHA Gray Gelding
Watch Joe Jack Move x Shes Snow Joke
A gray gelding. A later colt, but really growing up, should be 15 HH. World Champion Rope Horses on the top side and Smart Little Lena, and Watch Joe Jack on the bottom.  He is going to be a good one.

Thank you to Keli Sutton of Bigfork
Wish them the very Best, and I know that they will have fun.