Ron’s great granddad, Frank Keene, came from Sterling, Virginia, by oxen to Virginia City, Montana, in 1864.  He was racing horses down Last Chance Gulch in 1865.  He established a ranch on the Missouri River near Canton, Montana, where he raised his family.  Ron’s granddad, Guy Keene, homesteaded southwest of Lingshire (35 miles northwest of White Sulphur Springs) in 1914.

This ranch is now owned by Ron and Donna.  They began ranching full time west of White Sulphur Springs in 1979.  Due to the prolonged drought, they sold most of their cows in 2002 and are now managing a ranch for absentee owners.  They had leased this ranch for 22 years and raised their family there.

Ron spent a lot of time with his grandparents.  He always rode horses that were gathered off the open range.  Donna had been the Secretary of the Montana Quarter Horse Association.  They married in 1971, and Donna got Ron to realize the value of quality horses.  They have been raising Quarter Horses since then and have always bred for a quality, versatile, good using kind of horse.  

They now have a little more time to devote to their horses, which have always been a part of their lives.  Ron still helps the neighbors trail cattle, brand, ship, and wean calves and is always training his young horses.

Breeding good mares to their stallion, Dual Dash, is giving the Burns Ranch the type of horses they are striving for--Quality Horses with Good Sense and Speed, Topped with Proven Performance.   
“The Cowboy Kind”